LEGO® Rooster Instructions

Welcome to Toy Brick Corner, where we show you how to build models with LEGO® bricks. Today we have step-by-step instructions for building a LEGO® rooster (chicken).

This rooster is part of the Farm Animals set.

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Lego Chicken Rooster Pin

Rooster Built With LEGO® Bricks: Video Instructions

You can either watch our LEGO® Chicken instructional video, or scroll down to see the step-by-step image tutorial.

Step-By-Step LEGO® Rooster Instructions

Image of the LEGO pieces needed to make this chicken

List of pieces required:

This LEGO® rooster uses a total of 22 pieces. The image above shows each individual piece.

Here’s the detail; the quantity, colour, description, and order ID number of each required LEGO® piece.

  • 2 x Bright Yellow: Plate 2X3 – ID#302124/3021
  • 2 x Dark Green: Brick, Arch 1X3X2 Curved Top – ID#4644085/6005
  • 2 x Dark Green: Plate 1X2 – ID#302328/3023
  • 1 x New Dark Red: Plate, Modified 2X2 with Grove and 1 Stud in Center – ID#4613761/87580
  • 1 x Reddish Brown: Slope, Inverted 45° 2X2 – ID#4211221/3660
  • 1 x Earth Green: Slope, Inverted 45° 2X2 – ID#6055241/3660
  • 1 x Earth Blue: Slope 45° 2X2 – ID#4153653/3039
  • 1 x New Dark Red: Slope 45° 2X2 – ID#4609925/3039
  • 1 x Bright Red: Brick, Modified 1X2 with Studs on 1 Side – ID#6019155/11211
  • 2 x Tile, Round 1X1 with Eye and Pupil Pattern – ID#6284599/13360
  • 1 x Bright Red: Plate, Modified 1X1 with Clip Light Thick Ring ID#4632572/4081b
  • 1 x Bright Red: Plate 1X2 – ID#302321/3023
  • 2 x Bright Red: Plate, Round 1X1 – ID#614121/4073
  • 2 x Dark Orange: Brick, Modified 1X1 with 1 stud on 1 Side – ID#4666322/87087
  • 2 x Dark Orange: Slope, Curved 2X1 – ID#6186009/11477

You can substitute for similar colours, if you don’t have the same ones. Or use the ID Numbers to search and order the individual LEGO® pieces.

Now let’s start building!

Lego Rooster Instructions Step 1

Step 1. Start with a Bright Yellow 2X3 Plate for the rooster’s feet.

Lego Chicken Rooster Instructions Step 2

Step 2. Take the two inverted 45° 2X2 Slope pieces, in Reddish Brown and Earth Green, and attach the Green onto the middle studs with the slope facing forward, and attach the Brown to the back studs.

Lego Rooster Instructions Step 3

Step 3. Take the Earth Blue 45° 2X2 Slope, and attach it above the previous Green piece, and attach the two Dark Orange Modified 1X1 Bricks behind it with the studs facing out to the sides.

Lego Rooster Instructions Step 4

Step 4. Build the tail piece by connecting the two Dark Green 1X2 plates to the top and bottom of the two Dark Green Curved Top Arch pieces. Attach the tail to the back of the Brown piece.

Lego Rooster Instructions Step 5

Step 5. Attach the other Bright Yellow 2X3 Plate over the previous Earth Blue and Dark Orange pieces for the beak.

Lego Rooster Instructions Step 6

Step 6. Connect the two eyes to the Bright Red Modified 1X2 Brick, and attach to the middle studs of the previous Yellow piece. Then attach the Dark Red 45° 2X2 Slope piece behind it.

Lego Rooster Instructions Step 7

Step 7. Attach the Dark Red Modified 2X2 Plate with Center Stud to the top of the head.

Lego Rooster Instructions Step 8

Step 8. Connect the Bright Red Modified 1X1 Plate with Ring to the 1X2 Plate, and add the 1X1 Round Plates to the tops of both pieces. Attach this to center stud on the top of the head with the ring piece facing forward.

Lego Chicken Rooster Instructions Step 9

Step 9. Finally, attach the two Dark Orange Curved 2X1 Slope pieces to the studs on either side as the wings.

Lego Chicken Rooster Instructions - Image of the completed Lego Rooster

Congratulations! You have now completed your LEGO® Rooster.

Complete LEGO® Instructions

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