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LEGO® Cow Building Instructions

Welcome to Toy Brick Corner, where we show you how to build models with LEGO® bricks. Today we have step-by-step instructions for building a LEGO® cow.

This cow is part of the Farm Animals set.

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LEGO® Farm Cow: YouTube Video Instructions

You can either watch our LEGO® Cow instructional video, or scroll down to follow the step-by-step building tutorial.

Step-By-Step MOC LEGO® Cow Tutorial

Lego Cow Instructions All Required Pieces

List of pieces required:

This LEGO® cow uses a total of 42 pieces. The image above shows each individual piece.

Here’s the detail; the quantity, colour, description, and order ID number of each required LEGO® piece.

  • 1 x White: Plate 2X4 – ID#302001/3020
  • 2 x White: Plate 2X3 – ID#302101/3021
  • 2 x White: Plate 1X2 – ID#302301/3023
  • 2 x Black: Plate 1X2 – ID#302326/3023
  • 1 x White: Plate, Modified 1X2 Stud with Groove and Inside Stud Holder (Jumper) – ID#6051511/15573
  • 1 x White: Tile 1X2 with Groove – ID#306901/3069b
  • 1 x White: Tile 2X2 with Groove – ID#306801/3068b
  • 1 x Black: Slope, Curved 2X1 – ID#6047276/11477
  • 1 x Black: Slope, Curved 4X1 Double No Studs – ID#4613153/93273
  • 3 x White: Brick 1X2 – ID#300401/3004
  • 1 x Light Purple: Brick 1X2 – ID#4517993/3004
  • 1 x Black: Brick 1X2 – ID#300426/3004
  • 1 x White: Brick 1X1 – ID#300501/3005
  • 1 x Black: Brick 1X1 – ID#300526/3005
  • 1 x White: Brick, Modified 1X2 with Studs on 1 Side – ID#6058177/11211
  • 1 x White: Brick, Modified 1X1 with Stud on 1 Side – ID#4558952/87087
  • 1 x Black: Brick, Modified 1X1 with Stud on 1 Side – ID#4558954/87087
  • 4 x White: Cone 1X1 with Top Groove – ID#4518400/4589b
  • 4 x White: Brick, Round 1X1 Open Stud – ID#306201/3062b
  • 4 x Black: Plate, Round 1X1 Straight Side – ID#614126/4073
  • 4 x Light Purple: Plate, Round 1X1 Straight Side – ID#4517996/4073
  • 2 x Brick Yellow: Plate, Round 1X1 Straight Side – ID#4161734/4073
  • 2 x Tile, Round 1X1 with Eye and Pupil Pattern – ID#6284599/13360

Now let’s start building!

Lego Cow MOC Step 1

Step 1. Start by building the legs. Stack the White Cones onto the Black Round Plates, and the White Round Brick Open Studs onto the Cones.

Lego Cow Instructions Step 2

Step 2. Stack the Light Purple (Pink) Round Plates into pairs, and attached them to the base of the 2X4 Plate, behind the middle studs. Attach the legs to each corner of the base of the Plate.

Lego Cow Guide Step 3

Step 3. Connect the two Black 1X2 Plates together and connect a White 1X2 Plate on top, making a 1X2 Brick. Attach the White 1X2 Brick to the front of the previous 2X4 Plate, followed by the Black 1X2 Brick, then the combined 1X2 Plates, and attach the other White 1X2 Plate to the back.

Lego Cow Instructions Step 4

Step 4. Attach the White Modified 1X2 Brick with Studs to the end with the studs facing towards the back, and attach the White 2X3 Plate over the three 1X2 Bricks.

Lego Cow Tutorial Step 5

Step 5. Attach the other White 2X3 Plate over the front 2 studs, followed by the 1X2 Tile and then the 2X2 Tile (you can use a White 2X3 Tile, instead of these 2 Tiles, if you have one).

Lego Cow Instructions Step 6

Step 6. Now we’ll start building the face. Attach the Light Purple (Pink) 1X2 Brick to the front of the 2X3 Plate, followed by the White 1X1 Brick on the left middle stud, and the Black 1X1 Brick behind on the last left stud. Attach the White 1X2 Brick onto the other Plate studs.

Lego Cow Tutorial Step 7

Step 7. Connect the eyes onto the White and Black Modified 1X1 Bricks with Studs. Attach these to the middle studs, with the White on the left and Black on the Right. Attach the White 1X2 Brick to the back.

Lego Cow Building Instructions Step 8

Step 8. Attach the Brick Yellow Round Plates over the eye bricks as the horns, and the Black Curved 4X1 Double Slope over the back 1X2 Brick for the ears.

Lego Cow Instructions Step 9

Step 9. Finally, turning the cow around, connect the White Modified 1X2 Plate with centre Stud to the Black Curved 2X1 Slope piece, so that the White piece tucks into the nook of the curved piece, and attach this to the studs at the back of the cow.

Lego Cow Instructions Complete

Congratulations! You have now completed your LEGO® Cow.

Complete LEGO® Instructions

Done! Now, why not check out the other members of the Farm Animals set? Including a rooster, a sheep, a duck, a pig and more! Or, for other Lego ideas, check out all of our Lego® Instructions.

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