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LEGO® Goose Building Instructions

Looking for a LEGO® goose tutorial? Search no more! Scroll down to find our free, step-by-step, instructions on how to build a LEGO® goose.

This goose is part of the Farm Animals set.

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How To Build A LEGO® Goose

Lego Goose Instructions - Completed Goose Image

Goose Built With LEGO® Bricks: Step-By-Step Instructions

Lego Goose Instructions - All Required Pieces

List of pieces required:

This LEGO® goose uses a total of 20 pieces. The image above shows each individual piece.

Below is a detailed list of the quantity, colour, description, and order ID number of each required LEGO® piece.

  • 2 x Bright Orange: Plate 2×3 – ID#4125278/3021
  • 1 x White: Plate 2×3 – ID#302101/3021
  • 2 x White: Slope, Inverted 45° 2×2 – ID#366001/3660
  • 1 x White: Slope, 45° 2×2 – ID#303901/3039
  • 2 x White: Plate 1×2 – ID#302301/3023
  • 1 x White: Tile 1×2 – ID#306901/3069b
  • 2 x White: Slope 30 1x2x2/3 – ID#4547489/85984
  • 2 x White: Brick 1×2 – ID#300401/3004
  • 2 x White: Tile, Round 1×1 with Eye and Pupil Pattern – ID#6001609/98138pb007
  • 1 x White: Brick, Modified 1×2 with Studs on 1 Side- ID#6058177/11211
  • 4 x White: Brick, Modified 1x2x1 1/3 with Curved Top- ID#609101/6091

Let’s start building!

Lego Goose Instructions Step 1

Step 1. Start with a Bright Orange 2×3 Plate piece as the feet.

Lego Goose Instructions Step 2

Step 2. Attach the 2 Inverted Slope pieces, back to back, over the hind 4 studs.

Lego Goose Instructions Step 3

Step 3. Attach the White 2×3 Plate over the front 6 studs, and one of the normal 1×2 Bricks over the back 2 studs.

Lego Goose Instructions Step 4

Step 4. Take 2 of the Modified Bricks with Curved Tops, and connect them over the short edges of one of the 1×2 Plate pieces to create the wings. Attach this in front of the back Brick piece.

Lego Goose Instructions Step 5

Step 5. Attach the Sloped 2×2 piece to the front, with the sloped edge facing forward.

Lego Goose Instructions Step 6

Step 6. Attach the Sloped Tile piece to the back with the slope facing inwards for the tail feathers, and finish off the back with the flat 1×2 Tile piece.

Lego Goose Instructions Step 7

Step 7. Attach the 1×2 Brick onto the remaining 2 studs for the neck.

Lego Goose Instructions Step 8

Step 8. Attach the back of the other Bright Orange 2×3 Plate to the neck for the bill.

Lego Goose Instructions Step 9

Step 9. Take the Modified Brick with 2 Studs on 1 Side and connect the eyes, and attach this to the middle 2 studs. Attach the other 1×2 Plate to the back 2 studs.

Lego Goose Instructions Step 10

Step 10. Attach the 2 remaining Modified Bricks with Curved Tops to smooth off the head, connecting them to the top of the eyes Brick and the back 1×2 Plate.

Lego Goose Instructions Step 11

Step 11. Connect the remaining Sloped Tile to the top of the head, with the slope facing forward.

Lego Goose Instructions - Completed Goose Multi-view Image

Congratulations! You have now completed your LEGO® Goose.

Complete LEGO® Instructions

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